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Faith Formation Is More than Just Religious Instruction:

Its goal is to facilitate growth in faith that encourages Catholics, both young and adult, to live out the Gospels and become better disciples of Jesus Christ. It prepares members to proclaim the Good News, give a deeper understanding of the Sacraments, and to establish standards of a good Catholic life.

Children and Youth

Grades K-8

Bring your children to join others as they prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion so they may come to understand the most holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Father, and the Holy Spirit.

High School Youth

Grades 9-12

High school is a very pivotal time in a teen’s life and it is important to provide the faith and support that will help guide them through their adult life. In addition to reviewing the faith in preparation for Confirmation, our faith formation program also teaches our Youth to turn to their faith and parish community in times of hardship.

Young Adult

Ages 18-30

Becoming an adult comes with many challenges, but you should never face them alone! At Sacred Heart Catholic Church, we provide young adults with many opportunities for socializing, community service, finding jobs, and even some soul searching. Are you a young adult looking to become a member of our Parish? Simply click the button below to make it official!


Ages 18+

Growing in your faith has no age limit! If you are an adult and interested in becoming catholic, please click the button below for more information on our RCIA process.